Hello World


This is a test website for TEST-TOKEN (TEST)

This token is only for testing purposes, there is no utility or roadmap


White paper

Yellow paper


Test Twitter account

Useful Links

Check out the source code on Github

This is the original token on Ethereum mainnet

This is the token bridged from Ethereum to Arbitrum One mainnet

Need some test tokens? Ask a friend or get some from Uniswap on Arbitrum

Don't want to pay the Uniswap UI fee? Try 1inch or Jumper


What is TEST?
TEST-TOKEN (TEST) is an ERC20 token created for testing purposes only. It can be used in any application that accepts ERC20 tokens.
Why is there a fixed supply of 42B for TEST?
TEST is meant to be as simple as possible, no bells or whistles.
Why does TEST exist?
Testnet infrastructure is surprisingly bad at times, many bridges and protocols don't have functioning deployments on testnet. Thus, just test on mainnet with TEST.